Palestinian Fugitives Ready for Amnesty

(AP/Washington Post) Ali Daraghmeh - Under an emerging deal, Israel would grant conditional amnesty to fugitives in areas handed back to Palestinian security control. Abu Rob, cradling an M-16 with a Yasser Arafat sticker on the rifle's butt, shows no regret for killing three Israelis and two alleged Palestinian informers in the past four years, and hopes to run in Palestinian parliamentary elections in July. "Now there is a chance for all of us to rest and consider our choices," said Kamel Ghanem, in hiding in Ramallah. "We are not talking about pardoning," senior Defense Ministry official Amos Gilad told Army Radio Wednesday. "If they return to terror and if the attacks and the murders continue, then in the end we will return to a different type of vigorous activity."

2005-02-03 00:00:00

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