Hizbullah Rebuilding Bunkers in Beirut

[Washington Times] W. Thomas Smith Jr. - In the al-Dahiyeh district in Beirut, Hizbullah militiamen are reconstructing buildings destroyed by the Israeli air force during the summer war last year in Lebanon in much the same way they had constructed their prewar villages in areas in southern Lebanon and the Bekaa Valley. "Hizbullah is rebuilding underground positions from which they can store weapons and defend and attack whomever they choose," said Toni Nissi, head of the International Lebanese Committee for UN Security Council Resolution 1559. "UNSCR 1559 specifically calls for the disarming of the militias." Al-Dahiyeh is one of four Hizbullah-controlled "security zones" not patrolled by the Lebanese police or the army. The Hizbullah-owned Wa'ad construction company is rebuilding homes and commercial buildings in al-Dahiyeh with hidden "battle corridors" linked point by point above and below the ground with other buildings and adjacent neighborhoods. The construction includes subterranean command posts, and hollow walls capable of concealing large stockpiles of weapons and ammunition.

2007-10-10 01:00:00

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