Free Ride Is Over

(Investor's Business Daily) Editorial - Recent reports indicate that hard-liners in the White House have been considering taking out insurgent training camps in Syria. How many lives - American and Iraqi - would have been saved if we'd been striking insurgents wherever we found them? How many Americans and Iraqis would still be alive if the Pentagon had sealed the Syria-Iraq border a year ago with a hail of fire so intense that it removed the incentive for anyone, save the suicidal, to cross it illegally? Assad has made the country a target. It is an enemy of peace, a rogue nation, a patron of terrorists - all facts that, according to a UPI report, have shifted minds within a Bush administration that had been opposed to striking there. Regime change in Syria should be the ultimate goal of the civilized world. But for now, liquidation of the insurgents will do.

2005-04-20 00:00:00

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