With Terrorists, Let Israel Succeed

(New York Sun) Youssef Ibrahim - Muslim fundamentalists and rotting Arab dictators have a lot in common, most particularly their use of the tired and abused Palestinian Arab cause as the eternal vehicle to their taking and retaining power. Islamic fundamentalists with their many names - Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas, Islamic Jihad, the Islamic Republic of Iran - are again all focused on uniting the ummah of Islam around the liberation of Palestine. It is no coincidence that the commander of Hamas' military wing, Khaled Mashaal, lives under the protection and sponsorship of the Assad regime in Damascus. Nor is it a coincidence that Hamas was born, established, and intellectually weaponized by Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood movement. This time, Israel should not leave Gaza until every Palestinian Arab clearly understands that the clocks will never be turned back.

2006-06-30 00:00:00

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