The Seductive Beat of the Militant Islamic Drum

(Boston Globe) H.D.S. Greenway - Canadians have told me that their model for immigration is more of a quilt rather than a melting pot, meaning that cultural identities are recognized and honored, rather than asking everyone to assimilate. But if a patch on the Canadian quilt could possibly contemplate the kind of terrorism that has been alleged in Ontario, what to do? Or, as Mark Kelly of the Canadian Broadcasting Corp. wondered, "Maybe multiculturalism is just a nice idea for people who haven't been bombed yet." There has arisen in recent years a phenomenon of home-grown youths in Western countries, who, susceptible to the seductive beat of the militant, Islamic drum, are finding romance and adventure in the jihadi cause. The whole jihadi culture has become fad-like, sexy, and cool, says Jessica Stern, a terrorism specialist at Harvard University. Unless these impressionable youths can be inoculated from jihadi seduction, the fire next time may come from the boys next door.

2006-06-15 00:00:00

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