Zarqawi May Be Dead, But His Terrorist Creed Lives On in the Mosques

(New York Sun) Youssef Ibrahim - Zarqawi and his followers, many Arab pundits opined, were not merely insurgents fighting against Americans, against Shiites, against Kurds, or against Christians. They were fighting for an idea that deserves to die across the Muslim human landscape of 1.1 billion persons. Zarqawi's quest was not only for an Islamic caliphate in Iraq, but also to connect the dots across the Islamic fundamentalist map in Afghanistan, Iran, Somalia, Saudi Arabia, and much of the oil-rich Persian Gulf. "Let us remember," the executive director of the widely viewed Saudi television network Al Arabiya, Abdel Rahman al-Rashed, wrote on Saturday, "that Zarqawi was not acting out his butcheries alone in the dark, but supported by words, deeds, and sermons and preaches at mosques, in theocratic institutes, and across (the Arab and Muslim world's) media."

2006-06-13 00:00:00

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