The U.S. Should Move Its Embassy to Jerusalem...Now

(National Review) Daniel Freedman - The 1995 Jerusalem Embassy Act made it "the official policy of the United States" that Jerusalem be recognized as Israel's capital and accordingly America's embassy be moved there. But the act also gave the president a six-month waiver if he deemed it necessary for national security. President Clinton repeatedly used the six-month waiver, as has President Bush. The excuses given for the use of the waiver are that moving the embassy will destabilize peace negotiations and anger the Arab states. What's the worst that could happen if the embassy is moved? Hamas will reiterate for the hundred and first time that they want to wipe out the Jewish state? Arab states like Saudi Arabia and Syria will still refuse to recognize Israel? More importantly, why should other states, and undemocratic states at that, determine where America places its embassy in one of its closest allies? Not moving the embassy is actually a barrier to peace, leaving the Palestinians Arabs with the hope that one day, as Hamas promises, Jerusalem will be theirs.

2006-06-01 00:00:00

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