Olmert's Unilateralist Vision

(Washington Times) Editorial - When he meets with President Bush on Tuesday, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert will be seeking Washington's support for his "convergence" plan. By far the major obstacle right now to the implementation of Olmert's unilateralist vision is the rapidly deteriorating situation in Gaza and the danger of replicating it in the West Bank. Since Israel pulled out of Gaza, terrorists based there have fired 500 rockets at the Jewish state. Security has collapsed on the Gaza-Egyptian border, permitting terrorists and weapons to cross the border unimpeded. On a daily basis, Israelis are deluged with reports of kidnappings, and of Hizballah and al-Qaeda operatives and a slew of Palestinian terrorist organizations training in Gaza, armed groups storming ministries, and Fatah-Hamas warfare in the streets. For Israelis, including many who support Olmert's concept of relinquishing some settlements, there is a deep reluctance to cede additional territory in the West Bank right now. This is particularly true in view of reports that Hamas and al-Qaeda continue their efforts to establish bases on the West Bank - a development that would not only threaten Israel but Jordan - which has become a prime jihadist target as well.

2006-05-19 00:00:00

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