A Promising Young Life Prematurely Committed to Sand

(New York Times) Steven Erlanger - They buried Lior Anidzar on Sunday. He was 26, married two weeks. On April 17 he wanted to take his wife, Maya, to lunch near where she worked, but she was busy. So he went to the restaurant where a suicide bomber from Islamic Jihad blew himself up. Anidzar held on for a month, then died on Saturday. At the funeral, the former chief rabbi of Israel and now chief rabbi of Tel Aviv, Israel Meir Lau, shouted, "Who are these savages who do these things, and no one takes the hand outstretched for peace? Heaven is not for such people. For what do they give their lives? To kill innocents? This is religion? No, this is a distortion of all mercy and all religious feeling, and I want the Muslim clerics to tell the truth, that murder doesn't bring paradise."

2006-04-15 00:00:00

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