Palestinian Suicide Bomber Caught on Jerusalem-Tel Aviv Highway

(Ynet News) Efrat Weiss - Israel Police on Tuesday apprehended a Palestinian Islamic Jihad terrorist from the West Bank with a suicide bombing belt who planned to carry out an attack in Israel. "We managed to foil a multi-casualty terror attack in a crowded place," said Jerusalem District Police Chief Ilan Franco. Acting on an intelligence tip, "we set up a roadblock, and a van was nearing us close to the Harel bridge," police commander Ofer Dror said. "He first slowed down, and then I noticed the driver was Arab. He sped through and drove past the roadblock, and then the pursuit started." "He was driving very fast. Throughout the pursuit I requested assistance via radio, including a helicopter. At a certain stage, due to the roadblocks, a traffic jam emerged. The vehicle drove on the shoulder and a truck on the shoulder caused him to stop. I got out with other forces and went towards the vehicle with a drawn gun. A taxi driver was there too, who helped lock in the vehicle." Nine other Palestinians were in the vehicle, and police believe this is the reason why the suicide bomber did not detonate the device.

2006-03-22 00:00:00

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