Arab Editor: Religious Extremism Spreading among Muslim Youth in U.S.

(MEMRI) In an article in the London Arabic daily Al-Quds Al-Arabi on Jan. 30, Dr. Muhriz Al-Husseini, editor of the U.S.-published Al-Minassa Al-'Arabiya, warned that religious extremism is spreading among the young generation of Muslims in the U.S. "Some imams are working in an organized manner to brainwash adolescents in the Muslim community and to plant bogus ideas in their minds concerning Islam, jihad, [and] takfir [accusing other Muslims of apostasy]." "[The youths] spend their time watching videotapes and listening to audio tapes - most of which are given to them for free - on ways to train Muslim youth in military and ideological jihad, along with reports on the suffering of Muslims in some Muslim countries, as well as Koranic verses and sermons that encourage jihad, martyrdom, self-sacrifice, and the striking of terror into the hearts of the enemy."

2006-03-03 00:00:00

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