Should the West Support Terrorists Once They Win a Vote?

(New Republic) Martin Peretz - The Palestinians still live with the illusion, shared with some other Arabs and with Iran, that Israel is an epiphenomenon that will somehow come undone by the force of Palestinian resistance against it. For many Palestinians, and perhaps even most, the murder of Jews is a routine, and should be. For the Israelis, it cannot be so. The EU has decided to transfer $143 million to the PA. Why has Europe become the paymaster of the Palestinian movement? Given Hamas' deeds on buses and in cafes, in malls and at hotels, what will we make of the West's war with the terrorists if it supports them once they win a vote? Maybe it's that Hamas simply targets Israeli civilians, which must be much less evil than targeting passengers on the London underground. Europe hints that if you don't want Tehran to be writing the checks to Hamas, let us do it. Yet that's what Europe has been doing for two generations and more, without influence or sway. The Europeans have been and still are suckers.

2006-03-03 00:00:00

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