Al-Qaeda Terrorists Arrested in Jordan Planned to Blow Up Major Power Plant

(Reuters) Suleiman al-Khalidi - A group of al-Qaeda militants arrested in Jordan had planned to blow up a major power plant that feeds the whole country, Jordanian security sources said Thursday. In addition to two Iraqis and a Libyan arrested last week, another Iraqi linked to the group was detained in Jordan on Wednesday. Two more Iraqis and a Saudi were believed to have fled to neighboring Syria. "There have been smaller plots but this is by far the most serious in the last few months given the number of people involved, the weapons confiscated, and (the nature) of the target," government spokesman Naser Joudeh said. "Zarqawi now is depending on the Jordanian arena as a sphere of influence that is not less important than Iraq," said Mohamed Najjar, an Amman-based expert on Islamists. Security experts noted that in his latest attacks Zarqawi was using non-Jordanian Arab militants, primarily Iraqis, who came with battle-hardened experience to undertake operations inside Jordan.

2006-03-03 00:00:00

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