Hamas Is In for the Long Run

(Jerusalem Post) Barry Rubin - Hamas does not expect to change everything overnight. Its members often say that 20 years will be needed to wipe out Israel. It is now trying to establish hegemony over the Palestinian movement in a way that will ensure Hamas is the permanent leader. A key aspect of Hamas' strategy is ensuring that the educational system raises a generation that will reject any peace or compromise with Israel, extol terrorism, and vote Hamas. At the same time, even the smallest improvements in government performance and reduced corruption can be used to show that Hamas is superior to Fatah. The priority will be on the anti-Israel struggle, virtually outlawing moderation and enthroning the Hamas perspective of a long-term, life-or-death struggle in which no real compromise is possible. Since there is basically no political difference between Hamas and Fatah except for Islamism, this should not be too difficult. Hamas leader Mahmoud Zahar explains: "Anyone who thinks the [period of] calm means giving in, is mistaken. The calm is in preparation for a new round of resistance and victory."

2006-02-22 00:00:00

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