U.S. Crackdown Restricts Cash Flow to Hamas

(Washington Post) Peter Slevin - Before the Sept. 11 attacks, mosques and Muslim charities openly raised money for Hamas, that mixes Palestinian community work with anti-Israeli suicide attacks. But the indictment of alleged Hamas money men in Chicago and Dallas, combined with the FBI questioning of private contributors, has chilled donors, slowed collections, and forced fundraising underground, according to U.S. authorities, terrorism financing experts, and members of Chicago Muslim organizations. U.S. officials assert that money continues to move to Hamas from the U.S. as Hamas fundraisers adapt hard-to-trace methods for moving cash overseas. Hamas draws money from dozens of countries, most notably Saudi Arabia. Israeli Brig. Gen. Michael Herzog said Hamas will have access to more money than ever as the Palestinian government.

2006-02-20 00:00:00

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