Baker's Miscalculation

[New York Jewish Week] Editorial - The latest Wise Men have spoken and their highly anticipated solution to the entire Mideast crisis, from Lebanon to Iraq and Iran, begins where it always seems to: with squeezing Israel. The approach the Study Group has taken is to call for prodding Washington to negotiate with the enemy (read: Iran and Syria) as a means of stabilizing the situation in Iraq, and to prod Israel and the Palestinians into a peace agreement (read: pressure Israel into more concessions). But the dirty little secret here is that the Arab world cares very little about the plight of the Palestinians - indeed Israel cares a great deal more - and the notion that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is at the center of this mess is wildly inaccurate - historically and logically. Moreover, the problem with Palestinian-Israeli peace talks is that even when they are concluded, the Palestinians refuse to keep their part of the bargain, namely ceasing their violent attacks on Israel and accepting its permanence as a Jewish state.

2006-12-08 01:00:00

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