Hamas Leaders Praise Jihad and Renew Calls to Fight Israel

(Boston Globe) Anne Barnard - Mahmoud Zahar, a top Hamas leader, and other candidates went out of their way to deny they would ever give up their insistence on the destruction of Israel and the right to armed struggle. ''We are entering the legislative council to make it a project of resistance," he told a cheering crowd Monday night in Gaza, adding, in a jab at Fatah and the Palestinian Authority, ''Do you want to abandon the program of sacrifice and jihad for the program of fancy cars and big salaries?" Zahar said Palestinians have the right to all the land of Israel, including ''Jerusalem, east and west." Once Hamas enters parliament, he said, ''If we find any trace of Oslo we will kill it. If we find a mouse from Oslo we will kill him."

2006-01-24 00:00:00

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