Military Intelligence: "2006 - A Year of Escalation" -

(Ynet News) Roee Nahmias - A senior official in Military Intelligence has warned that 2006 will see a number of escalations. "Escalation is expected in the north, due to Hizballah operations, from mistaken judgments of Bashar Assad, or maybe from the global Islamic Jihad operations; on the Iranian front, we could be heading for a crisis in March after Iran will renew its enrichment program; and on the Palestinian front - formally at least, the calm in the territories ended" Sunday, the source said. "In the short term, Military Intelligence's main message is that 2006 may take the form of escalation and deterioration." The recent Katyusha attack on northern Israel, which was claimed by a jihad group identifying itself with al-Qaeda, presents an additional threat. "We are in the midst of a fundamental change, as the international jihad heads in the direction of the countries of the Levant, and especially Israel," said the source. "If, in the first four years of the intifada, the same global jihad was not supposed to deal with Israel, because of the massive involvement of local terrorism, the calm has created a vacuum, being filled by the global jihad itself. Israel has turned into a target for the international jihad, and threats take a number of forms - the firing of rockets or other weapons, or a mega-terrorist attack such as a strike on Jewish and Israeli centers around the world."

2006-01-02 00:00:00

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