Bush: If Iran and Syria Are Not Committed to Halting Terrorist Funding, They Shouldn't Be Party to Talks

[White House] At a joint press conference with British Prime Minister Tony Blair in Washington Thursday, President Bush responded to a question about the Baker-Hamilton report: "One thing is for certain, when people - if people come to the table to discuss Iraq, they need to come understanding their responsibilities to not fund terrorists, to help this young democracy survive, to help with the economics of the country. And if people are not committed, if Syria and Iran are not committed to that concept, then they shouldn't bother to show up." "I find it interesting that when Prime Minister Olmert reaches out to Palestinians to discuss a way forward on the two-state solution, Hizballah attacks Israel. Why? Because radicals and extremists can't stand the thought of a democracy. And one of the great ironies is that people in the Middle East are working hard to prevent people in the Middle East from realizing the blessings of a free society in their democracy."

2006-12-08 01:00:00

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