Sharon Era Is Over

(Ynet News) Attila Somfalvi - Following the prime minister's stroke, nothing will bring him back into the political game: Not the surging popularity, not the concern and aching heart of the public, and not even the waves of sympathy. Even if Sharon is able to function, national responsibility will require him to retire from political life. If up until now, Israeli citizens put their trust in Ariel Sharon, from now on everything will change. The pressure of terror attacks, the Kassam rockets, and the overall complex security situation will look completely different with different people heading the government, and it is clear the public will treat them differently. Israel's democracy is able to cope with this challenge. Even if there's a sense that the person "who couldn't be replaced" is no longer fit, there are still plenty of worthy individuals to compete for the post of Israel's prime minister.

2006-01-05 00:00:00

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