Israel: PA Hostility in International Forums Can't Continue

(Jerusalem Post) "While Israel last week approved 5,300 additional jobs for Palestinians inside Israel, the PA presented a resolution to the UN Security Council condemning Israel for all possible sins," Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman told visiting French Foreign Minister Michele Alliot-Marie on Thursday. "This gap cannot remain forever and will lead to a breakdown of ties between the sides." Israel would not sit back and perpetually absorb Palestinian "criticism and insults," he said. Lieberman pointed to Netanyahu's Bar-Ilan speech adopting the two-state program, the removal of roadblocks, a 10-month settlement freeze, and providing the Palestinians with a frequency for a cellular phone network. The Palestinians, on the other hand, have brought Israel to the UN Human Rights Council and the International Court in The Hague, condemned Israel at the UN Security Council, and named streets and squares in Palestinian cities after terrorists. "Israel can't allow this situation to continue," he said. Lieberman also highlighted the hypocrisy of the Arab League, which he said worked "with great energy to condemn Israel," but did not show the same energy in dealing "with issues...such as the situation in Tunisia, Lebanon, Iraq and other places." Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told Alliot-Marie that Israel would work toward "disengaging" from Gaza's infrastructure, starting with removing the area from Israel's water and electricity grids.

2011-01-21 08:23:28

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