UK to Jerusalem: Request Probe of Group "with Hamas Ties"

(Jerusalem Post) Jonny Paul - The British government has invited Israel to submit a formal request that it investigate a London-based organization that Jerusalem accuses of being affiliated with Hamas and "complicit" in terrorist activities. Israel said the Palestine Return Center (PRC) was closely affiliated with Hamas and involved in "initiating and organizing violent activity against Israel in Europe while delegitimizing Israel's status as a nation among the European community." According to Israel, "the center functions as Hamas' organizational branch in Europe and its members are senior Hamas leaders who promote the movement's agenda in Europe, and directly interact with various Hamas leaders, particularly from Damascus." The PRC was established in 1996 by Palestinian academic Salman Abu-Sitta. According to a report published by the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs last month, Abu-Sitta often equates Israel with Nazis and asserts that the "Palestinian Holocaust is unsurpassed in history." The report identifies five of the PRC's trustees as having a "clear" Muslim Brotherhood background.

2011-01-17 07:36:20

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