Western-Supplied Arms for Hizbullah?

(Jerusalem Post) Editorial - Israeli defense officials have voiced concern over France's willingness to sell 100 HOT antitank missiles to the Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF). One of the most advanced weapons of its kind in the world, the HOT missile has a range of up to 4 km. and the ability to penetrate about 1,000 mm. of armor. Israel's concern that these missiles will fall into the hands of Hizbullah and be used against the IDF are acute. The U.S. and other Western countries have argued that strengthening the LAF via military aid and arms sales promotes Lebanese sovereignty. But can a distinction be drawn between the LAF and the ever-more powerful Hizbullah? Is there a barrier between them that Western-supplied arms can be guaranteed not to cross?

2010-12-20 08:25:07

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