WikiLeaks Cables Highlight Arab Contempt for Iran

(Los Angeles Times) Jeffrey Fleishman - Confidential memos from U.S. embassies made public by WikiLeaks have further agitated the ill will between Tehran and Arab capitals over Iran's nuclear enrichment program and its influence on militant groups in Iraq, Gaza, and other locales. "The official stance in the Middle East, led by Saudi Arabia and including countries like Egypt, Jordan, United Arab Emirates and Bahrain, has always been that it is Iran and not Israel that poses the main threat to the region," said Mustafa El-Labbad, director of Al Sharq Center for Regional and Strategic Studies in Cairo. "What WikiLeaks did was unveil everything to regular citizens around the world and this has led to the embarrassment of regimes in the Middle East. But there is nothing new in the cables," he said.

2010-12-01 07:58:08

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