"Apartheid" Label Doesn't Fit Mideast

[Atlanta Journal-Constitution] Cedric L. Suzman - Former President Jimmy Carter's use of the word "apartheid" in the title of his new book on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is highly regrettable because it is inaccurate and especially because it is unfair to black South Africans and the African National Congress in particular. The evils and injustices of apartheid were truly unique to South Africa and should not be denigrated by loosely using the word to describe other situations. Israel's actions must be viewed in the context of the overall conflict: the Palestinians' refusal since 1948 to recognize Israel's right to exist and their decision to resort to airplane hijackings, murder on the high seas, suicide bombings, and other forms of terrorism and armed conflict. Regrettably, Israel has never had a Mandela with whom it could negotiate. The writer is vice president and director of programming at the Southern Center for International Studies in Atlanta.

2006-12-06 01:00:00

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