Hamas Increasingly Unpopular in Gaza

(HeraldScotland-UK) Louisa Waugh - Alongside the fragile economy, there is another undercurrent pervading Gazan street life; an atmosphere of tension and unease about the increasingly unpopular Hamas regime. Many Gazans claim Hamas is becoming more radical and oppressive. Thousands of Gazans who used to work for the Palestinian Authority in Gaza were subsequently sacked by Hamas, and are still effectively blacklisted from any professional jobs there. Hamas is also pursuing a more rigorous Islamic agenda, raiding venues where mixed parties are suspected. "What do I think of Hamas - they are good!" one waiter tells me cheerfully. He looks over his shoulder, leans forward and says: "If one of them hears me saying anything about Hamas, then I will be arrested you know. We have become frightened of them."

2010-10-11 09:12:10

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