Why Do Radical Muslims Want to Kill Europeans?

(Hudson Institute-New York) Khaled Abu Toameh - Some Middle East and terror "experts" have foolishly endorsed the argument that terror attacks against U.S. targets are the result of the Israeli-Arab conflict. But then why is al-Qaeda also planning a new wave of terror attacks in Europe? If the Americans deserve to be murdered because of Washington's "bias" in favor of Israel, why are countries such as France, Britain and Germany - which have been very supportive of the Palestinians - now on the blacklist of radical Islamic groups? Europeans are being targeted for the same reason the Americans are: for being "infidels" and enemies of Islam and for the Western values they represent. They are being targeted because of their failure to transform into Islamic countries. Those who think that solving the Israeli-Arab conflict will undermine al-Qaeda and its allies do not know what they are talking about. Bin Laden and his friends want to kill Europeans not because of settlement construction in the West Bank or the blockade on Gaza; they want to kill Europeans because Europeans are not Muslims and have different values. Europeans need to understand that their support for Arabs in general and the Palestinians in particular will not help them avoid "punishment" by radical Muslims.

2010-10-08 09:41:03

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