Palestinian Leadership's Unnecessary Foot-Dragging

(Ha'aretz) Yoel Marcus - Prime Minister Netanyahu passed the decision to freeze construction in the West Bank for 10 months and kept his promise not to extend it "a day longer." It had been assumed this concession would give him the required time to conduct direct talks with the Palestinians. But they, as is their custom, again proved they miss no opportunity to miss an opportunity. When the end of the 10-month freeze approached, the Palestinians demanded a two-month extension. Otherwise, they will not resume the direct talks. Why? Because that's the Palestinian leadership - painting itself into a corner and not knowing how to get out of it. And lo, after all the festive meetings in Washington, after 10 months of building freeze, now they're asking for two more months? Why? Because that's what they want. Even the Egyptian foreign minister denounced this demand as unnecessary foot-dragging.

2010-10-06 09:07:26

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