Israel: UN Resolutions Don't Advance Peace

[Ynet News] Ronny Sofer - "These resolutions don't promote peace and don't contribute anything to the Israelis or the Palestinians. The resolutions damage the status of the UN and its capacity to be involved in the Arab-Israeli conflict," said the Israeli Foreign Ministry. "Unfortunately for us, for a number of decades, the UN General Assembly tends to automatically pass a series of one-sided, unbalanced, anti-Israel resolutions from year to year." Before the vote was held, Vice Premier Shimon Peres met with incoming UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon and said, after the meeting, "The Muslims and the Palestinians in the UN are presenting a one-sided and distorted picture. If the situation continues, UN forces in the region will weaken." Peres gave the example of the commission of inquiry into the Israeli shelling of Beit Hanoun, saying that whoever wants to investigate needs to start with the Palestinian aggression, and not the Israeli response to it.

2006-12-04 01:00:00

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