Israel Provides Stability in the Middle East

(Ynet News) Guy Bechor - Despite the show in Washington, the Israeli-Palestinian track faces a complete impasse and there is no real way of reaching a breakthrough. There is an Israeli desire to progress in order to get rid of the Palestinian problem, yet Abbas and his people do not have a mandate to make any decisions. The more Iran's nuclear program advances, the more scared Tehran becomes about being attacked, and this is the reason for the daily missile displays - the result of weakness rather than strength. Iran knows that its army is weak and obsolete and would not be able to contend with the U.S. and Israel. Hizbullah and Hamas already sustained IDF blows in recent years and they will not forget them so quickly. Meanwhile, Syria's Assad understands that his minority regime may not survive a war with Israel. The Palestinians too will not be rushing to repeat their intifada experience, which ruined them, their economy, and their chances of getting a state. Above all, the IDF's power is the most important guarantee for Mideastern stability. The current-day IDF, after an immense build-up process and demonstrated achievements, is the region's most powerful army and its strength serves as a deterrent. Once upon a time, American power provided stability for Israel; yet today, Israeli power grants stability to American interests in the Middle East.

2010-09-20 09:32:37

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