Time Magazine Promotes Anti-Jewish Prejudice

(Wall Street Journal) Bret Stephens - Nearly every Israeli has a child, sibling, boyfriend or parent in the army. Nearly every Israeli has been to the funeral of a fallen soldier, or a friend killed in a terrorist attack. Every Israeli owns a gas mask. The whole country exists under the encroaching shadows of Hizbullah in Lebanon, Hamas in Gaza, and the prospect of a nuclear Iran. When it comes to scoring cheap shots against the Jewish state, Time is not the sort of magazine to allow the obvious to disturb a prejudiced hypothesis. Can the magazine point to equally pointed cover stories about internal Palestinian affairs and what, perchance, they mean for the peace process? Journalism aside, there's also a moral dimension here known as the delegitimization of Israel - the idea that the country ought not to exist. Insisting that Israel be wiped off the map, as Iran's leaders do with such numbing frequency, is one method of delegitimization. Suggesting that Israelis don't care about peace is another.

2010-09-08 09:08:26

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