Egypt and Weapons Smuggling - Empty Promises to Prevent "Hamastan"

[Ha'aretz] Ze'ev Schiff - Egypt has not arrested a single arms smuggler, even though Israel's security and intelligence services have given the Egyptians a list of the names of those involved in the gun running. There are many Egyptian promises, but in practice nearly nothing is being done to prevent large-scale smuggling through the Philadelphi route, and elsewhere, including the sea. Under the rules of engagement for the Egyptian forces guarding the border, they are not allowed to shoot Palestinian smugglers. They are also not allowed to return fire unless they are endangered. In the special military agreement between Israel and Egypt regarding security along the border, the overall Egyptian role in preventing smuggling is specified. Egypt must ensure that illegal arms and ammunition are not brought into the Sinai, that illegal arms sales and their transfer to the border do not take place, and that the arms are prevented from crossing into the Gaza Strip. Avoiding total action against the smugglers is a violation of the agreement. The smuggling continues with growing intensity. Iranian funding is playing a significant role in this. Neglecting the prevention of smuggling will harm the Palestinians, Israel, and Egypt.

2006-11-03 01:00:00

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