Irish Student Victim of "Hate Campaign" after Volunteering for Israel Defense Forces

(Sunday Tribune-Ireland) Jennifer Bray - A 19-year-old Cork student who has just returned from two months working as a volunteer for the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) says she has become the victim of a hate campaign. Cliona Campbell says she has received public abuse, emails and messages telling her to "keep her head down" after writing a piece for the local paper on her experiences. She says most of the reaction has been because she spoke highly of her time with the army and maintains her own strong beliefs about their work. "I have a huge interest in the Jewish people and always have had so I had no hesitation about going out there." Campbell applied through Sar-El, a volunteering project. "Some of the people writing to me and about me say they now see me as a terrorist and that they don't even see me as Irish anymore. I stand up for what I believe," she says.

2010-08-20 08:56:23

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