Palestinians Say Arab States Cutting Aid

(Reuters) Mohammed Assadi - Arab states have cut financial aid to the Palestinian Authority this year, and the UN has warned of a looming Palestinian cash crisis. "The Arabs are not paying. We urge them to meet their financial pledges," said Saleh Rafat, a member of the PLO executive committee. The failure of some wealthy Arab states to pay up is frustrating Western governments, which are big contributors to the Palestinian territories. Only 22% of PA budget support in 2010 came from Arab donors, the rest coming from international donors including the EU and U.S. This year Saudi Arabia had paid $30.6 million by August, compared to $241.1 million in 2009. The United Arab Emirates, which contributed $173.9 million in 2009, has yet to pay anything.

2010-08-20 08:48:12

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