Netanyahu's Warning

(Washington Post) George F. Will - Israel faces a campaign to delegitimize it in order to extinguish its capacity for self-defense. Note, Prime Minister Netanyahu says, the reflexive worldwide chorus of condemnation when Israel responded with force to rocket barrages from Gaza and from southern Lebanon. There is, he believes, a crystallizing consensus that "Israel is not allowed to exercise self-defense." In southern Lebanon, UN Resolution 1701, promulgated after the 2006 war, has been predictably farcical. This was supposed to inhibit the arming of Hizbullah and prevent its operations south of the Litani River. Since 2006, Hizbullah's rocket arsenal has tripled. Learning from Hamas, Hizbullah now places rockets near schools and hospitals, certain that Israel's next response to indiscriminate aggression will turn the world media into a force multiplier for the aggressors. Any Israeli self-defense anywhere is automatically judged "disproportionate."

2010-08-16 09:28:35

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