Netanyahu: Hamas Responsible for Rockets on Eilat

(Ha'aretz) Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Wednesday that Hamas was responsible for the rocket fire on Israel's and Jordan's Red Sea ports on Monday. Earlier Wednesday, Egyptian officials confirmed that the rocket attacks, which had killed a Jordanian taxi driver in Aqaba, had been carried out by Hamas operating from Egypt. An Egyptian security official said Hamas had fired seven rockets, including one which misfired and left debris near a security facility in the town of Taba. "Over recent days we've witnessed three attacks against Israel," Netanyahu said in a special announcement on Israeli television. "An attack from Gaza on Ashkelon, an attack by the Lebanese army on Israel Defense Forces troops carrying out a routine operation, and another attack from the Sinai peninsula at Eilat. I want to make very clear to Hamas and to the Lebanese government that we view them as responsible for the violent provocation against us." "Grad rockets were fired from Sinai at Eilat and Aqaba by a seemingly anonymous organization. Several months earlier, on April 22, similar rocket fire came from Sinai. We investigated the two incidents - it became clear beyond a doubt that Hamas' military wing in Gaza had perpetrated both attacks under disguise....The use of a third country's soil, one that seeks peace, in order to launch rockets at Israel, will not help Hamas escape culpability."

2010-08-05 08:20:37

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