Scenarios for a Third Lebanon War

(New York Jewish Week) Gary Rosenblatt - Daniel Kurtzer, the former U.S. Ambassador to Egypt and Israel, reports in a comprehensive "contingency planning memorandum" for the Council on Foreign Relations, "Hizbullah's arsenal is more potent in quantity and quality today than it was in 2006." In addition, he notes, Hizbullah has stepped up its anti-Israel rhetoric. Kurtzer points out that American efforts to prevent another war in Lebanon are limited, recognizing Israel's right and need for self-defense and Washington's lack of relations with Hizbullah and its supporter, Iran. He concludes that the U.S. should increase its intelligence in the area; proclaim its support for Israel's right to defend itself and make known its worries over Hizbullah's rearmament; resurrect an international monitoring system; increase diplomatic pressure on Syria; prepare for war and seek an outcome that weakens Hizbullah; and prepare for postwar diplomacy.

2010-08-04 08:18:03

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