Israel to UN: More Gaza Flotillas Harm Peace Efforts

(Jerusalem Post) Jordana Horn - Israeli Ambassador to the UN Gabriela Shalev told the Security Council Wednesday of "Israel's deep concern regarding new reports of yet another flotilla departing from Lebanon to the Gaza Strip," saying "the phenomenon of flotillas to Gaza is not conducive to the efforts to achieve peace in the Middle East." "We call upon the international community to exert its influence on the organizers of this provocative action," Shalev said. Shalev decried Hizbullah's actions in Lebanon as "a blatant violation of international law and basic dictates of humanity." "In Lebanon, the terrorist organization Hizbullah continues to build and embed its military infrastructure into the civilian population," Shalev said. "Transfers of sophisticated weapons from Syria and Iran to Hizbullah systematically violate the arms embargo. At the same time, this terrorist group continues to place increasingly sophisticated and deadly weapons within villages, adjacent to schools, hospitals and civilian homes." She concluded: "How many times in this chamber have our neighbors recognized Israel's right to exist as the homeland for the Jewish people? Or condemned Hamas terrorism and violence against Israeli civilians? Or spoke out against those who call for us to be wiped off the map? Not once. The silence is deafening."

2010-07-22 08:08:49

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