Five Minutes to Midnight in Britain's Battle Against Radical Islam

(Jerusalem Post) Ilan Evyatar - Douglas Murray is the director of the Center for Social Cohesion, a London-based think tank that studies radicalization and extremism in the UK, and he is an outspoken critic of the British government's response to the challenge of radical Islam. He notes, "It is astonishing that no major politician since [Tony] Blair has understood Israel's right to defend herself. They consistently speak about such a right in theory, but whenever in practice, whether it's Gaza or the flotilla, they don't, and they condemn Israel on it....Churchill's famous description of an appeaser [is] someone who feeds the crocodile and hopes it will eat him last. Some major leader has to explain in relation to Israel and Britain that this crocodile would eat us next, not last. Therefore, it would be a very, very stupid thing, for your own security, as well as your own sense of what's morally right, to keep sacrificing Israel in this way."

2010-07-16 10:31:21

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