When Will the Palestinians Prove They're Serious about Peace?

(New York Post) Abby Wisse Schachter - Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu is still the guy who has to "prove" he's serious about peace. Netanyahu's the one who is asking for direct negotiations between Israel and the Palestinian Authority. Yet it is the Palestinians who, instead of having to explain their reasons for refusing to meet with Israel, continue with their demands. Whereas the list of actual concessions delivered by Israel to the Palestinians is long, the evidence that Palestinians are serious about peace with Israel is sparse to non-existent. Israel has ceded territory, Israel has ceded authority, Israel has trained and armed the Palestinians, Israel has allowed rejectionist terrorists to take control of territory that threatens Israel's security. And what have the Palestinians done? Palestinians refuse to negotiate directly with Israel, Palestinians refuse to change their education curriculum to reflect an acceptance of Israel's right to exist, Palestinians create children's television programs that praise the holy war against the Jewish state.

2010-07-13 10:30:32

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