Deterring Hizbullah, Preparing the World for the Next War

(Jerusalem Post) Yaakov Katz - The IDF's decision to declassify photos of Hizbullah positions in southern Lebanon carries an element of risk. Hizbullah will see that the IDF knows where its positions are. However, the declassification of the intelligence sends a clear message to Hizbullah that the IDF knows what it is doing and where its military installations are located. Also, the chances that Hizbullah will move its assets are deemed slim. "There is too much to move," one senior officer explained. "The world needs to understand that Hizbullah is deliberately positioning its military positions inside civilian centers, and that this strategy has consequences," a top IDF officer said. The IDF has said in the past that it will respond disproportionately to a new Hizbullah attack, and that each of the 160 villages in southern Lebanon containing Hizbullah positions will be targeted.

2010-07-08 08:06:35

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