Gaza Cement Rebuilding Hamas' Military Infrastructure

(Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center) Cement is a vital commodity needed in Gaza for civilian needs. However, reliable intelligence indicates that Hamas makes extensive use of cement to rebuild its military infrastructure damaged last year in the Gaza operation and to create new military infrastructure. Hamas is using cement for outposts, training compounds, and storage sites; defensive and offensive tunnels; and rocket launch sites lined with concrete. In recent months (based, among other things, on aerial photographs), there has been a considerable increase in the use of cement by Hamas military forces in Gaza. Its overall strategy gives priority to military infrastructure over the needs of the population. Hamas Political Bureau Chief Khaled Mash'al said in Damascus on Nov. 12, 2009, that most of Hamas' efforts in Gaza are targeted towards military preparations. Hamas receives the cement imported to Gaza as part of the aid delivered by international organizations or international aid convoys.

2010-06-17 10:54:48

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