In the Great Flotilla Debate, the Facts Are on Israel's Side

(New Republic) Marty Peretz - The ever-more-Islamist government in Istanbul seems to have volunteered itself as a front for jihadism everywhere, most especially in dealing with Iran and its nuclear ambitions. There is hardly a Muslim cause that the Erdogan regime in Ankara has not taken to heart and under its belt. (Recall that Turkey kept U.S. forces from traversing Turkish soil in 2003.) Turkey was also once an important ally of Israel, which gave it a non-Arab friend in a sea of Arabism. The Israelis will be sad to lose this friend, but, in fact, they have lost it already. The law is on Israel's side. Ethics and history are on Israel's side. Those who are on the side of Hamas are actually enemies of civilization.

2010-06-03 09:41:01

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