Peace Convoy? This Was an Islamist Terror Ambush

(Spectator-UK) Melanie Phillips - It is becoming ever more clear that Islamist terror attacks like this are fiendishly staged theatrical events in which the Western media - and beyond them, Western governments - play an absolutely essential role in the drama. If those media and governments refused to swallow the lies and instead called operations like this and the players behind it for what they actually are, such terrorist operations would not happen. The Islamist strategy of war against Israel is carefully calibrated to deploy the most effective weapon in its armory in the cause of jihadi violence - the Western media. Right on cue, Western governments accordingly deliver their own script in condemning the victims of terror for defending themselves. And so, courtesy of the West's fifth columnists, yet another nail is driven into the West's own coffin.

2010-06-01 08:43:35

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