Military Intelligence: Hizbullah Scuds Tip of Iceberg

(Ynet News) Amnon Meranda - The head of the IDF Military Intelligence research department, Brig.-Gen. Yossi Baidatz, told the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee Tuesday: "Weapons are transferred to Hizbullah on a regular basis and this transfer is organized by the Syrian and Iranian regimes. Therefore, it should not be called smuggling of arms to Lebanon - it is an organized and official transfer." He added that "the transfer of long-range missiles that was recently published is only the tip of the iceberg." "Today, Hizbullah has an arsenal of thousands of rockets of all types and ranges, including long-range solid-fuel rockets and more precise rockets....The long-range missiles in Hizbullah's possession enable them to fix their launch areas deep inside Lebanon, and they cover longer, larger ranges than what we have come across in the past. Hizbullah of 2006 is different from Hizbullah of 2010 in terms its military capabilities, which have developed significantly." On the Palestinian front, he assessed that Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas "is interested in an agreement with Israel, but his range of flexibility on the core issues is limited....We do not recognize in Abbas a true attempt for flexibility on the fundamental issues, and he is expected to come with the same position that existed in talks with the previous government. Abbas is preparing the ground for these talks to fail."

2010-05-05 08:43:58

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