Holocaust Martyrs' and Heroes' Remembrance Day

(Prime Minister's Office) Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu - Last year I visited the Wannsee Villa in Berlin where I saw the original invitation for the meeting of high-level Nazi officials to decide on the destruction of the Jewish people. In an elegant villa on the shore of a pastoral lake, over breakfast and glasses of cognac, 15 men sat and decided how to destroy our people. Yet the people of Israel re-established its country, gathered its exiles, built its army, settled its homeland and reunited its capital, Jerusalem. The State of Israel was born out of the ruins and the ashes, and today it impresses the entire world with the force of its creativity and innovation, and with its free and democratic society. The historic failure of the free societies when faced with the Nazi animal was that they did not stand up against it in time, while there was still a chance to stop it. We are today again witnesses to hatred of the Jews expressed by organizations and regimes associated with radical Islam, headed by Iran and its proxies. In the face of these repeated statements to wipe the Jewish state off the face of the Earth, in the best case we hear a weak protest which is also fading away. The world continues on as usual and there are even those who direct their criticism at Israel. The world gradually accepts Iran's statements of destruction against Israel and we still do not see the necessary international determination to stop Iran from arming itself. If we learned anything from the lessons of the Holocaust it is that we must not remain silent and be deterred in the face of evil. I call on all enlightened countries to rise up and forcefully and firmly condemn Iran's destructive intentions and to act with genuine determination to stop it from acquiring nuclear weapons.

2010-04-12 09:32:52

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