Saudis Fund Balkan Muslims Spreading Hate of the West

(Sunday Times-UK) Bojan Pancevski - Saudi Arabia is pouring hundreds of millions of pounds into Islamist groups in the Balkans, some of which spread hatred of the West and recruit fighters for jihad in Afghanistan. Fundamentalists have financed the construction of scores of mosques and community centers as well as paying some followers a monthly stipend. They are expected not only to grow beards but also to persuade their wives to wear the face veil, a custom virtually unknown in the liberal Islamic tradition of the Balkans. "Hundreds of millions have been poured into Macedonia alone in the past decade and most of it comes from Saudi Arabia," said a Macedonian government source. "Their so-called Wahhabi teachings are completely alien to our traditions and to the essence of Islam, which is a tolerant and inclusive religion," said Sulejman Rexhepi, leader of the Islamic community in Macedonia.

2010-03-29 07:58:29

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