For Islamic Extremists, the Main Target is the U.S., Not Israel

(Ha'aretz) Avi Issacharoff - In his testimony before Congress, Centcom commander Gen. David Petraeus conspicuously avoided any hint that the conflict with the Palestinians is the result of Israeli policy. He made no mention of Israeli settlements, nor any reference to Israeli building in east Jerusalem. Even a peace deal with the Palestinians will do nothing to alter al-Qaeda's combat strategy, to say nothing of the Taliban in Afghanistan and Pakistan, or Iraqi militants. Even were the U.S. to announce a total military and economic boycott of Israel tomorrow, nothing would induce radical Islamists to lay down arms against America. Even if America joined the global jihad and offered to fight shoulder to shoulder with al-Qaeda, the extremists would not accept the offer and give up their attacks against U.S. targets. For extremist regimes like Iran, Israel is a secondary target. Their main problem is the Western world and its leader, the United States. Those who rushed to interpret Petraeus's comments as a hint that Israeli settlements are the root of America's woes should think again.

2010-03-22 10:11:41

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