Why Glorify the Murderers?

(Los Angeles Times) Ron Kehrmann, Yossi Mendelevich and Yossi Zur - March 11 marked the 32nd anniversary of the deadliest terrorist attack in Israel's history, and this year the PA honor the leader of the attack, Dalal Mughrabi, by naming a town square outside Ramallah after her. In March 1978, the squad of Palestinian terrorists led by Mughrabi entered Israel by boat from Lebanon between Haifa and Tel Aviv. By day's end, they had murdered 38 innocent men, women and children. The first person Mughrabi and her gang of terrorists encountered was Gale Rubin, an American photojournalist taking photos of birds near the beach. They killed her. They then hijacked a bus full of happy families returning from a Saturday excursion. On their way to Tel Aviv, the terrorists shot at passing cars and killed more innocent people. The terrorists tied all the men's hands to the bus seats. When Israeli security forces stopped the bus, the terrorists ran out while throwing hand grenades into the bus, setting it on fire. The men inside were burned alive. The three of us writing this article each have experience with Palestinian terrorists. Seven years ago, on March 5, 2003, our children were killed by a Palestinian suicide murderer who exploded the bomb he was carrying on a city bus in Haifa. We don't believe people who murder children should be held up as heroes. Years of brainwashing from a very young age, religious television channels and mosque lessons make people believe that death is better than life; that killing innocent people, without distinction, will improve Palestinian life. Israelis want a genuine peace with our neighbors, but as long as Palestinian society glorifies terrorists and murderers such as Mughrabi and the ones who killed our three children, we cannot believe that Palestinians are ready to live in peace with us.

2010-03-19 10:33:49

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