Peace Later

(Scripps Howard) Clifford D. May - In the view of the peace processors, offering part of Jerusalem for inclusion in a future Palestinian state is a concession that will be necessary in exchange for Palestinian agreement to halt terrorism and recognize Israel as a permanent presence in the Middle East. The problem is that Israel has offered this concession on at least two previous occasions. Both times, Palestinian leaders said no deal. No Palestinian leader can make peace with Israel any time soon. What we call Israel is considered by members of Hamas as an "endowment from Allah to the Muslims." As such, not a square inch can be given away to Jews or other infidels, no matter what concessions are offered in return. More secular Palestinians may not view it in these terms. But they know that signing a peace treaty with Israel, as Egyptian President Anwar Sadat did, would invite the fate Sadat received: He was gunned down by members of an Egyptian jihadist group. The writer is president of the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies.

2010-03-19 10:28:55

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